September Coach of the Month


We are proud to recognize one of our extraordinary coaches who embodies what it means to be a rockstar Alloy coach. Meet Joseph Rivera from HealthSPORT Fortuna:

Born in:
What does the Alloy culture mean to you?
Alloy’s culture gives the best opportunity for me to work with individuals in a more comfortable environment. Getting through a challenging workout is not always easy for people, but using Alloy’s format we have the opportunity to get through them together. The accountability and guidance is built in for all of our clients. With Alloy’s program our clients who have natural motivation help and encourage our members who need forced motivation.
Favorite exercise?
Turkish Get Ups
Least Favorite exercise?
What do you do when you’re not whipping people into shape?
Spending time with my Beautiful family, Kathryn and lil Joseph
Who do you look up to & why?
My peers, because they come in to work with the expectation of satisfying our member needs. Our trainers have gone above and beyond for our members to give them quality work outs
Guilty Indulgence?
But, I do not feel guilty when I Indulge… I feel normal
Your secret to success?
Staying open minded to all levels of Fitness and to all our clients capabilities
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