Michael Lang – November Coach of the Month


We are proud to recognize one of our extraordinary coaches who embodies what it means to be a rock star Alloy coach.

Meet Michael Lang from Golds Gym West Cobb (Austell, GA):

What does the Alloy culture mean to you? 

The Alloy culture means unity and strength – Stronger Together. In our culture, we present contagiously enthusiastic employees who transfer that energy through our hearts to our clients. We encourage them to be the best, healthiest person they can be through creating an active healthy lifestyle of exercise and nutrition – all while having fun.

Favorite exercise? 

Renegade Rows

Least favorite exercise? 

Ultimate Burpees

What do you do when you’re not whipping people into shape?

Performance theatre and adventure activities! 

Who do you look up to & why? 

Dax Derringer, because he started in a janitorial position with Gold’s Gym and became General Manager and now Lead Area Director of Sales. He started from the bottom and with passion and drive, worked his way up to the top – and now he pays it forward to others.

Guilty Indulgence? 

Chipolte Rice Bowl

If you were a superhero who would it be & why? 

Thor. Starting of as a prince, he wasnt ready for leadership; but as he progressed through life, he realized that he needed humility, knowledge and experience. and that one must be able to lead with heart.

Your secret to success? 

Every morning, I wake up grateful for another day of the gift of life. Also, I meditate and listen to motivational videos to set the tone of the day. Have FUN and SMILE! I always strive to let my positive energy transfer to every person I encounter.

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