Josh LaClair – December Coach of the Month

We are proud to recognize one of our extraordinary coaches who embodies what it means to be a rock star Alloy coach.

Meet Josh LaClair from Memphis, Tennessee:

What does the Alloy culture mean to you? 

Alloy to me is an awesome system that works with functional movements.

Favorite exercise? 

Squat Mobility Drill

Least favorite exercise? 


What do you do when you’re not whipping people into shape?

Get my weightlifting in or study for school

Who do you look up to & why? 

My high school football coach because he pushed me to my limits.

Guilty Indulgence? 

Hot wings

If you were a superhero who would it be & why? 

Captain America because of his attitude.

Your secret to success? 

Always trying to learn as much as I can.

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