Alloy Client of the Month: I Couldn’t Do This By Myself

I have to thank everyone at Alloy Personal Training Center, for “altering my birthday suit.” Thank you for greeting me and giving me the encouragement I needed when you honestly said “we are in business because of people like you.”

In the beginning, I thought I was just going to go into the gym and shed the extra pounds. Well, I tried for a few months but I was really playing the system. I didn’t commit until I got the news that my very close cousin had Type-2 Diabetes and was losing her sight. I was determined to prevent this from happening to me. I went to my doctor for my annual physical and I was declared to have pre-diabetes. The doctor gave me several instructions for a strict diet then sent me home to return in six months. What was I to do?

My turning point was when I realized that I could not do this by myself. Alloy helped me by building an individualized workable plan for my eating habits. Now that I had a new way of eating in place, I needed the proper and most effective form of exercises. I had an exercise plan designed for me and appointments made for me. Now it was up to me to follow and be accountable!

I realize exercise and proper eating habits go hand in hand. It is a lifestyle – not just something you can do here and there. Some days it’s hard for me to get to Alloy, but once I get through that door and swipe my card, my whole attitude changes instantly. I can honestly say that I have restored my energy level and my pre-diabetes condition is under control.

All of the coaches have contributed to my weight loss, for which I am amazingly grateful. The Alloy team keeps a watchful eye to make sure I’m on task, as well as doing the exercises correctly. I could not have done this without their kindness, interest and patience; I thank them all from the bottom of heart.

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