Alloy Discount for Perform Better Summits

Great news! Perform Better is once again offering Alloy licensees and their staff a significant discount off early bird registration at all four PerformBetter Summits.

The Alloy price is just $150 for early bird registration (regular early bird price: $289; $359 for regular pricing). Click below to see the brochure for all of the details – discount only available until certain dates, which varies by summit.

Rick will be presenting at the Providence, Chicago and Long Beach summits, so be sure to check the schedule and give him a shout out if you attend!

You can simply fill out the brochure below (CLICK ON THE LINK!) and and email it to Erica at If you wish to register several people, please call Erica at 800-556-7464 ext 103 and she will take it from there.


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