Client of the Month: Gaining a Healthier Fitness Lifestyle

Alloy Client of the Month: Eric Manthy of The Alaska Club East in Anchorage

As someone who has always had a very lean body and has struggled with my weight for many years, I’ve achieved a new, healthier fitness lifestyle with Alloy. Going on four months of training with my trainer at The Alaska Club, I’ve seen results I never thought were possible to achieve. With the guidance of Demetris & the Alloy® Training Systems, I have managed to gain 40 lbs, while keeping my body fat percentage down.

Through my fitness journey, my trainer has helped correct my form on exercises I thought I was doing correctly for years – but was actually risking hurting myself! I’ve learned new exercises and techniques using the Alloy® Training Systems that keep me motivated to help me reach my fitness goals.

In addition to having a much healthier body and appearance, I now have confidence that helps me not only in fitness, but in my day to day life.

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