Alloy App FAQ

The Alloy app launch has a lot of moving parts and has caused a little confusion; so, we wanted to answers some frequently asked questions and try to clear things up:

Q: Does the app work on Apple and Android devices?
A: The gym-side app only works on Apple devices. So, your coaches and admins will need an Apple iPhone or iPad. The web version of the app will work on any computer. The client-facing app (the version that your members will download) works on both Apple and Android devices.

Q: Is there a charge for the app?
A: Alloy has paid the development cost to build the Alloy app on the existing Trainerize platform. Trainerize will charge you for your usage, but there is no charge from Alloy.

Q: How do we see a demo of the app?
A: In the most recent emails they said they are ready. Contact Trainerize to speak with their dedicated sales team!

Q: How do we add our trainers and clients to the app?
A: Once you subscribe, you will be assigned an on-boarding specialist who will train your team on how to use the features of the app and assist you with uploading your clients, adding coaches and etc.

Q: Will others be able to see our client data?
A: No. Your portal is secure.

Q: Who do we contact if we have problems?
A: Trainerize has created a special team specific for the Alloy app. Your case will be given the highest priority by a member of this team.

Q: Will the weekly workout templates be available through the app?
A: No. The workout templates can still be found on the Alloy platform, just like always. But, you can download the program templates from Learner Nation to your IPad and go paper free! That’s what we’re doing at the mothership!

Q: How do we order the app?
A: Follow this link to sign up

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