Looking Forward to My Next Challenge

Alloy Client of the Month: Travis Kirchhefer from Gold’s Gym, Cheyenne!

I have been working with personal trainers for several years and had some great results. However, last winter, I started to feel sluggish and was putting on the wrong kind of weight. I really needed something to push me on my “off” days to get me into the gym and keep me active. One of my trainers suggested that I try the Alloy Team Training classes and join an upcoming fitness challenge. So, I signed up with a friend. We’ve been attending the classes since last November.

The team training classes were just what I needed to get my focus back. Since January, I have lost 22 lbs, almost 9 inches, and 10% of my body fat. I can’t believe the results I achieved. I look and feel better than I thought possible. I fit into a size of clothes that I didn’t think I could ever wear. More importantly, I learned to push myself in new ways. I am waking up earlier with more energy, getting more done personally and professionally, and looking forward to my next challenge!

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