Overhauling My Life

Alloy Client of the Month: Janice Smith from Platinum Fitness in Verona, New Jersey!

I am happy, vibrant, and 43 years young. Although I was in pretty good shape, my meals once consisted of carbs and fats – and few fruits or veggies. For as long as I can remember myself in my adult years, I have been a size 10. So, when I could no longer fit any of my designer clothes and was carrying 190 lbs on my 5’7″ frame, I decided to overhaul my diet… and my life.

Last year, I went through the very stressful process of purchasing my first home and watched the number on the scale skyrocket. If non-fitting clothes weren’t enough, the look of my new stomach was the last straw.

After finally closing on my home, I decided it was time to lose some weight. On my own, I started to do basic exercising, but never changed my  diet. After 6 months, I had only shed 7 pounds.

Frustrated, I knew I needed an expert to help me, so I signed up for personal training at Platinum Fitness and was introduced to Rawn Brown. Having a trainer helps me to be more disciplined. I am so grateful that I had someone to hold my hand through the process.

With the help of Rawn, I completely changed my diet, saying “bye bye” to sugar, carbs and fried foods. Swapping extra helpings of carbs for veggies and whole grains, banishing caloric beverages and halving my meat portions all helped me shed 25 additional pounds!

Then, I added regular cardio and strength-training workouts to my routine – including at least one Afterburn and two small group sessions a week. Within 5 months, I was down to 158 pounds and in the best shape of my life!”


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