Healthier Than Ever

Alloy Client of the Month: Jim Doriot from Q4Fitness in Memphis, Tennessee!

My wife, Michelle, and I started Team Training at Q4Fitness almost three years ago. It is the best choice we’ve made as a married couple! Often, we’re able to go together and we’ve also formed great friendships with our trainers and other Team members. We feel better and we are healthier together. That commitment to Team Training is really motivating and we’ve both seen amazing results.

In those three years, Team Training has been great – but I let my diet slip. Eight months ago, I just wasn’t where I wanted to be with my diet and weight. I decided to combine Team Training with personal training and this combo (along with my trainer, Keith Hollifeild) gave me the results I wanted. I dropped my overall weight by 20 lbs, my body fat went from 23 percent to 14 and I added 6-8 lbs of lean muscle. Strength training alone was not the key – the combination of diet, rest, strength training and Team Training has been the recipe for success!

I feel better and I know I am healthier at 42 years old than I ever was in my younger years. I owe that success to the motivational and physical results that Alloy training provides!

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