Best Decision I Ever Made

Alloy Client of the Month: Marcine Brangham from Higher Power Fitness

I discovered Higher Power Fitness in March 2015, when I answered a Facebook post looking for 10 people to do a fitness challenge.  I was 75 pounds overweight and was just ready to take care of myself.

After about a year of always giving 100% to my workouts – and there were times in those workouts I would say a few choice words and roll my eyes – I had only lost 10 pounds. So, my trainer advised me to talk to my doctor and see if something else might be going on. In August 2016, I found out I had Type-2 diabetes and a bad gall bladder. I had the gall bladder removed and then had to go on medicine for my diabetes. It was then that I set a goal of NOT being on medication!

In January 2017, I did a challenge and really cleaned up my eating. I lost another 14 pounds and was feeling great! In May 2017, I did my first 5k! When we crossed the finish line, I couldn’t believe my time! After that race, my mindset really changed – I knew I could persevere through trials and not only just through them, but in a way that is not destructive to myself and my health.

I have been with Higher Power Fitness and my trainer Joanna Larson a little over two years and it is the BEST decision I have ever made. I’ve reached so many goals – I am no longer diabetic, I’m pre-diabetic! I’ve lost more than 20 inches all over my body and I feel good! I have more energy and I’m able to do things easily that were previously struggles for me, like getting up off the floor or walking up a flight of stairs.

I couldn’t have reached my goals without the help of Higher Power Fitness and my trainer Joanna Larson! She has really helped me push through and reach my goals! My journey isn’t over yet because I haven’t reached my destination, but I know I will get there with the help of the of my gym family at Higher Power Fitness!

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